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Roatán Real Estate

Posée un pedazo de paraíso

Imagine tener su propio paraíso tropical de lujo.

En el Grand Roatán Caribbean Resort, nuestra selección de planos, le da la capacidad de elegir la pieza con vista al mar de nuestra inmobiliaria en Roatán, que es la correcta para su estilo de vida. Cada residencia está decorada con confort, con muebles caribeños de estilo contemporáneo y todas ofrecen balcones privados que tienen vistas espectaculares de las puestas de sol en el océano. Las características adicionales de nuestra inmobiliaria Roatán incluyen características de diseño sostenible, sistemas de filtración de agua avanzados y especificaciones de construcción que cumplen o exceden los estándares estadounidenses de ingeniería.



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Why Roatan Real Estate?

Deeded Ownership
Roatán real estate is deeded and protected by laws governed by the country’s independent judicial system.

Roatán, Honduras real estate is some of the most affordable you’ll find in the Caribbean.

Real Estate Holds Its Value
Even during the recent economic downturn, property in Roatán held its value – even increasing in value in some cases.

Why Invest?

Once you’ve seen Grand Roatán Caribbean Resort, this question answers itself. But allow us to share nearly two dozen reasons to call Honduras – and Grand Roatán – your second home.

Enjoy all of the amenities and services you would experience on other Caribbean islands, but without the crowds.
Easy Access Via Jet-Service Flights
Find direct flights to Roatán from many US cities such as Atlanta and Houston.
Great Weather Year-Round
Roatán is known for its balmy and dependable tropical climate, offering warm weather and cooling trade winds year-round.
English Speaking
Due to British influences, English is most widely spoken on Roatán (though Spanish and Garifuna are also spoken).
One of the World’s Top Diving Destinations
Roatán offers top-rate diving and snorkeling and some of the world’s least expensive diving courses. Swim to the world’s second largest barrier reef from just about anywhere on the island.
US-Style Grocery Stores
Shopping for necessities is so easy!
US Currency Widely Used
While the Honduran Lempira is Roatán’s official currency, US money is widely accepted and used on the island.
Development Boom
In recent years, Roatán has experienced a development boom, bringing with it quality communication, business services and improved transportation options. The island’s strong tourist economy significantly reduces unemployment and related issues.
Activities for the Whole Family
In Roatán, there’s always something new to try – from world-class diving and snorkeling to fishing, golf, zip lining and horseback riding on the beach. Swim with dolphins, sail to nearby islands, discover out-of-the-way villages, learn Spanish or volunteer in the community.
Newcomers Feel Welcome
Roatán’s laid-back lifestyle and large number of ex-pats make the island feel comfortable to newcomers.

Why Grand Roatan?

Prime West Bay Beach Location
Grand Roatán is located on one of the Caribbean’s finest beaches and offers privacy as well as easy proximity to many wonderful restaurants and bars situated along the beach.

100% Ocean View
Each and every condo at Grand Roatán features direct ocean views.

Quality Construction
The construction of Grand Roatán meets or exceeds US engineering standards. In addition, solid concrete construction reduces sound between units and we’ve carefully chosen quality building materials for their durability and ease of repair.

State-Of-the-Art Technology
We are running fiber optics to every building at the resort and are also running multiple cat-5 wires to each individual condo. This will allow us to offer better quality signals, run voice over IP phones, Internet and TV. Therefore, we can always accommodate current and future tech innovations for Internet, TV and security.

Support Sustainability
Protecting our environment is a high priority. To ensure the preservation of our surrounding tropical forest and spectacular reef, we’ve gone to great lengths to meet green standards for environmental sustainability, which include significant investments in water treatment and energy conservation.

Hotel-Style Amenities
Enjoy the comforts of spacious living with enough room for the whole family to spread out, together with the convenience of hotel-style amenities. From the pool to valet service to daily housekeeping, you will be indulged at every turn.

The World’s Closest Access to a Barrier Reef
Grand Roatán is situated only 30 yards from the living coral reef – the closest access to a barrier reef in the world.

Elevator Access
All three floors in each building at Grand Roatán will have elevator access.

Getting Started

Ready to invest in your own little piece of paradise? Buying property in Honduras is easy and uncomplicated as long as you follow some basic guidelines – namely, seeking out qualified, local expertise.

The Roatán real estate market has evolved in many ways over the years and it’s easier than ever for foreign buyers to invest. There are many options available to you, including registering a corporation in Honduras for potential tax savings.

By forming a corporation, wherein you designate yourself general manager and administrator, you are entitled to all the rights of a Honduran citizen regarding ownership of your property. With the assistance of a qualified lawyer, forming a corporation in Honduras can be easily accomplished at a cost of about $1,200 to $1,800.

While there are many benefits to registering a corporation, there are also potential limitations. Since it is not mandatory to form a corporation in order to buy property, we would be happy to provide you with more information regarding your options. However, we do recommend that you also consult with your tax or accounting advisor to choose the best option for you.

To help secure land titles and protect your real estate investment in Roatán, you should engage a qualified Honduran lawyer and Notary. All documents must be written in Spanish so we recommend hiring a bilingual lawyer, if you don’t speak Spanish.

In Roatán, Notaries oversee the transfer of title during real estate transactions. Not only do they witness documents and contracts, but they are also registered attorneys, assisting with document preparation and review.

In order to hire a qualified attorney/Notary that you can trust, check with the expat business community or consult your embassy for recommendations.


Below, you’ll find answers to many other Frequently Asked Questions. Our real estate executives will be happy to answer these questions as well as any other concerns in further detail.

1. Why have people decided to buy in Roatán?
Roatán’s international airport provides direct jet-service flights that make travel to this tropical destination a breeze. US-style grocery stores make a quick shopping trip seem familiar and effortless. The laid back island lifestyle and a large number of ex-pats make Roatán feel comfortable to newcomers. Within easy reach of numerous beachfront restaurants, bars and water sports along the West Bay Beach, this prime location is the perfect spot to vacation or invest in real estate.

2. I’ve read about crime and poverty in Honduras. Should I be worried?
Located 40 miles off the coast of Honduras, Roatán is where people go to get away from the heat of the city. The island’s strong tourist economy, much like Belize, significantly reduces unemployment and related issues. Furthermore, the western tip of Roatán is the safest, most protected place on the island.

3. I am nervous about purchasing property in Roatán. Where should I begin?
The professionals at Grand Roatán Resort have owned property at this location as well as other areas of Roatán for years. They understand the concern and need for a secure title. The resort has no financial debt — 100% equity financed — so the owner has unencumbered title upon payoff. Our sales executives can help you make a purchase decision that is just right for you and your family.

4. How will my investment be protected in a foreign country?
Ownership of all residences at Grand Roatán is deeded and protected by laws governed by the country’s independent judicial system. To provide additional protection, title insurance is available through one of the world’s largest and most prestigious insurers—First American Title Insurance Company. The company has an office in Miami that specializes in providing coverage throughout the Caribbean region. The title work is accomplished by any one of a variety of attorneys that the seller selects from a list of attorneys approved by First American.

5. Why is title insurance important?
Title is a legal right to the possession of property. By purchasing title insurance just as you would in the U.S. or any other country, you have the insurance backing that you hold clear title to your property and that, should anyone dispute that title, you’ll have an advocate who will defend your claim in the local courts.

6. How will the construction quality of Grand Roatán compare to US standards?
The developers of Grand Roatán are committed to building communities that meet or exceed US engineering and construction standards for buildings at risk of enduring a Category 5 hurricane. The quality of the fit and finishes at Infinity Bay is evidence that the development team continues to be committed to meeting the highest building specifications. Please ask a sales executive for details about the construction standards at Grand Roatán.